Dear fellow ACI professional,


Lywood David International Limited runs specialised Treasury and Capital markets training courses for ACI candidates, institutions and financial markets associations across the globe. Our next open course offering in London is the ACI ACADEMY in March 2012 (flyer attached).


Now, ever conscious of the high costs of specialist training courses and distance learning products, my company Multimedia TradeWind Limited is seeking to reduce the cost to the individual candidate having recently launched an inexpensive i-phone/i-touch app available from the Apple apps store.


Testfiles of interactive ACI and ACI-style multiple choice questions with on-screen ‘hints’ and feedback plus accompanying texts can be purchased individually or in topic or syllabus sets from


These testfiles are available individually (from GBP 3.99 each) or in a variety of multi-purchase topic and syllabus sets offered at generous discounts, enabling candidates to revise for the ACI qualifications in their own time... at their own pace... in a cost effective way... even ‘on the move’ making use of that otherwise wasted public transport commuting time using their i-phone or i-touch. I attach a copy of the product flyer pdf for your further information.



Phil Parker