All e-mail correspondence to the accociation or to the members of Board should be sent to the e-mail

aci @



Association Board

Wojciech Galiński

President of the Association

wojciech.galinski @

Błażej Wajszczuk

Vice President
blazej.wajszczuk @


Henryk Sułek

henryk.sulek @


Wojciech Szajnar

wojciech.szajnar @


Marta Pakuła-Boryczka
Board Member
marta.pakula @


Grzegorz Kopij
Board Member

grzegorz.kopij @


Audit Committee


Marta Kępa
Chairman of the Audit Committee

marta.kepa @

Maciej Kuczek
Member of Audit Committee

maciej.kuczek @

Robert Kułak
Secretary of the Audit Comittee

robert.kulak @





Committee of Professionalism


Kamila Kajka
Member of the Comittee

kamila.kajka @


Marek Wieczorkiewicz
Member of the Comittee

marek.wieczorkiewicz @

Konrad Tyczyński
Member of the Comittee

konrad.tyczynski @






Sekretariat ACI International


8, rue du Mail, F-75002 Paris
tel. 33 1 42975115 fax. 33 1 4297 5116