ACI Polska – the Polish Financial Markets Association is an organization of people with professional interest in the international and domestic money market and fx market transactions.

The idea to establish the organization was put into practice by a group of dealers in 1992. This is when a formal status was given to a group of professionals who had so far acted unorganized. This is how Polskie Stowarzyszenie Dealerów Bankowych FOREX Polska (Polish Financial Markets Association) (now ACI Polska) came into being.

As part of our business, we have been taking efforts to achieve the targets that we set out for ourselves. We are most interested in the educational aspect. We try to propagate the knowledge of financial markets and instruments as well as aiming at upgrading the professional and ethical standards of the Association members and integrating the dealers’ community. Moreover, we want to have the capacity to decide on the way the domestic inter-bank market operates while the Association is a key partner in creating regulations concerning the development of this market.

With the development of financial Markets and instruments, the tasks put forward in front of our professional group have become increasingly complex hence there is a demand for an organization like ours to assist in upgrading professional skills of the entire community.
Since its incorporation, the Association has attached a lot of importance to the educational opportunities offered to its members. In liaison with Warszawski Instytut Bankowości (Warsaw Institute of Banking) and Międzynarodowa Szkoła Bankowości i Finansów w Katowicach (International School of Banking and Finance in Katowice), we have prepared a number of training courses for dealers and specialists in other fields of banking. Thanks to the cooperation with domestic and international experts, many seminars were held to give bank dealers a chance to improve their practical knowledge of financial instruments, risk management and legal aspects of financial markets.

ogether with the National Bank of Poland and the Polish Banks Association, we worked out and recommended the Code of Polish Money-Currency Markets. Also, the Association issued a number of recommendations on the ways the Polish financial market operates. ACI Polska has created principles of determining WIBOR and WIBID reference rates and co-organizes fixing for these rates.
We very much welcome our members’ activeness. We encourage numerous participation in the Association’s work and wait for proposals of new topics which we can tackle. We also invite your assistance in continuing the work on the topics already launched.

We invite new membership declarations. We will be happy to welcome new people. In a larger group, it will be easier for us to deliver our joint targets and objectives more efficiently.

Association Board Members:

Wojciech Galiński – President

Błażej Wajszczuk – Vice-President

Henryk Sułek – Secretary

Wojciech Szajnar – Treasurer

Marta Pakuła-Boryczka – Board Member

Maciej Zatorski – Board Member